Tsuna Sakuma

T159 B83(C) W58 H81

nice to meet you!
I came to Tokyo from Kansai🙌

My name is Tsuna Sakuma🐟💨

I love sweets and sweet drinks
It’s a baby tongue😝

I also love music and sleeping~💭

Since I have not yet debuted, my future
I would be happy if you could watch me grow! !

I hope to see you at the store one day.
We are waiting for you 💗


  • 05/28 (Tue)

  • 05/29 (Wed)

  • 05/30 (Thu)

  • 05/31 (Fri)

  • 06/01 (Sat)

  • 06/02 (Sun)

  • 06/03 (Mon)