Sakura Tachibana

T160 B88(-) W60 H88

I like alcohol, music, fortune telling, Sandwich Man, and Google Maps⭐️
Every day, I wear my lucky color of the day.
I’m not good with horror or suspenseful things.
I believe myself to be a Disney princess.
My hobbies change often, but I’ve recently been into piano, languages, and anime.
I am always wishing for world peace.

Favorite beverages
Shaoxing wine, wine, and whiskey. I like sake in the winter.

Favorite foods
Noodles in hot and sour soup, tom yum noodles, Morioka reimen, pure tofu.
Thick curry with vegetables, natto rolls, the skin of steamed buns with black vinegar, oden in the winter.

Don’t hesitate to choose me lots☆


  • 05/24 (Fri)

  • 05/25 (Sat)

  • 05/26 (Sun)

  • 05/27 (Mon)

  • 05/28 (Tue)

  • 05/29 (Wed)

  • 05/30 (Thu)