Karen Nanase

T155 B70(C) W57 H88

I am Karen Nanase, a currently-active sexy actress!
I’m a laid-back, relaxed person but I love to drink♡
My hobbies are dieting, watching foreign dramas, and stone saunas♡
I also love being active as I have done horseback riding and dance since I was a little girl♡
I don’t work here often, but if you contact me on social media, we can coordinate♡
I look forward to meeting you!


  • 05/29 (Mon)

  • 05/30 (Tue)

  • 05/31 (Wed)

  • 06/01 (Thu)

  • 06/02 (Fri)

  • 06/03 (Sat)

  • 06/04 (Sun)