Suzu Akane

T160 B91(G) W62 H90

Nice to meet you, I’m Suzu Aiho!
It is said that I have a self-paced personality, but I am very curious about many things and love to talk!

Up until now, I was an indoor person who only watched YouTube, but lately I love going to Disney🐭🏰

Please let us know your hobbies too!
I work a lot from Wednesday to Friday, so I would be happy if you could come see me!
Let's spend a wonderful night together at Red Dragon 💗


  • 06/24 (Mon)

  • 06/25 (Tue)

  • 06/26 (Wed)

  • 06/27 (Thu)

  • 06/28 (Fri)

  • 06/29 (Sat)

  • 06/30 (Sun)